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It's also nice that this chair you can "recline" in and the seat just cradles you. plop yourself into while relaxing on the beach that keeps sand out of your crevices When it showed up, I couldn't believe how small and light the box was. So if you wanted something to sit in and cook or play a card game then this isnt for you. Magic Monkey Slot™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in WGSs Online Casinos Relax & Recline; 6 Game Thrones You Won't Believe | · Jungle. Relax & Recline; 6 Game Thrones You Won't Believe | Besonders der Yen profitierte und vollzog innerhalb hier, um zu erklren, wie Gametwist.

Brienne is a fighter and a knight, and dressed in her armor looks considerably larger than her tall and slender frame. Off screen the svelte and tall Gwendoline sizzles in this fiery red gown which accentuates her tiny waist and adds some curves.

Gwendoline adds to the vintage Hollywood glamor look with tight finger-waved hair and ruby red lips. Brienne the beauty is right. As a slave her clothing is simple, and often revealing, with a large collar around her neck to show she belongs to someone.

Kit as Jon Snow looks a little bit like a yeti wandering around with his huge curls and equally furry cloak in the wintry scenes in Westeros. Kit is a man transformed in this later photo.

Gone are the heavy layers and his wild mane is tamed thanks to some carefully applied products. As well as being a knight of the Kings-guard, he is also a lover of his twin sister Cersei with the two had a child together.

As the King of the North, Robb wears the heavy black brocade robes of a king with elaborate clasps. Off screen the handsome actor behind the king, Richard Madden also opts for t shirts and comic-con.

Despite this, he enjoyed growing up with the family. He is often found in armor or quilted shirts. Theon is played by the real-life brother of British singer Lily Allen, Alfie.

Here he scrubs up well in a classic black double-breasted suit and matching black tie. And not a glimpse of grimy quilted fabric anywhere.

He was a thoroughly unlikeable character and was killed hours after his wedding to Margaery after being poisoned.

The young actor has taken some time off from acting since his time on Game of Thrones, although he appeared in many movies and on TV shows before the series.

But her delicate frame hides a powerful woman, leading an army which decimates its foes. Innocent, she is not! Here she is at the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition, working her best leather skirt and sultry look thanks to her sleek dark locks.

Craig Crosby Just one more thing to point at when the grandkids complain about their homework being hard.

As for the squirrel, well Maybe he's reading this right now. Or maybe he got eaten by a hawk. Same shit, different pile.

There are a variety of ways to go hunting these days, from using traps to rifles to bows, to even paying large sums of money to travel to Africa and shoot an animal that's already dying anyway, because you're kind of psychotic and want the experience of killing at least one of everything.

But for the more "pure" hunter -- someone who just wants to go and take what they need from nature -- it's a pretty simple affair.

And maybe that's what one hunter in Dryden, Ontario thought when he set out one day with his bow and a plan to stake out a spot in a tree perch and await his prey.

The problem for this particular hunter was that he wasn't the only beast in the woods that day, and he wasn't the only one who thought that particular tree would make a great place to relax.

In fact, seven black bears had the same damn idea. Imagine being stuck in some tree branches with a bow and arrows, and a bear comes loping along.

And you think "Nah, that's a bit bigger than what I had in mind," so you ignore it as it wanders to the very tree you're in, maybe scratches its ass, and has a sit.

Then a friend comes to join him. And one last bear. And they all flop under your tree. Our friend was either not equipped to actually kill a bear or seven or just didn't want to.

Regardless, he ended up spending the night in the tree, because the lazy-ass bears didn't move at all. Eventually, authorities were called, who brought emergency picnic baskets with which to distract the bears, and the hunter was saved to be humiliated again another day.

Do you know what, statistically speaking, is the deadliest animal in North America? And it's not a result of their fearsome penchant for flitting their lily-white tails just so, or prancing through the periwinkle.

Deer kill you by being the worst drivers on the road, insofar as they don't drive, they just leap like meat pinatas onto the hood of your car at 70 mph and turn both of you into highway stew.

Fact is, deer and their ruminant buddies are up to no good, and the cost of this nogoodnikery is very likely your life if you run afoul of the beasts.

Run away now, kids. Run from Bambi, lest you suffer the same fate as a year-old hunter from Utah, who thought it'd be a fine idea to go elk hunting without wearing full body armor.

After taking down a pound elk, the corpse of his prize had no other choice but to gore the ever-loving shit out of that man's head with one of its antlers.

The horn entered his noggin behind the jaw and caused breathing difficulty, because an antler in and around your throat area is generally considered a significant obstruction.

Eventually, the hunter was airlifted to safety, where he was expected to make a full recovery. As for the elk, it still haunts the lake where it was shot, every few years reappearing in a hockey mask to gore teenagers who drink and have premarital sex.

Since we already shamed some Bigfoot hunters, why not the other kind of low-rent fiction hunter that so pervades reality TV these days -- ghost hunters.

In this case, we're dealing with some amateur ghost hunters in New Orleans. Which is funny, because it implies there are professional ghost hunters out there, which is like claiming to be a professional Elven Ranger or a full-time Death Knight.

Don Turnbull He moonlights as an undertaker's assistant, drumming up business for when people aren't dying fast enough. These particular hunters made their way into an abandoned mansion of some historical significance to find the ghost that resided there, because literally every mansion in New Orleans is haunted.

You can look that up; I don't even think it's a joke. Whilst in the mansion, the team of paranormal nitwits decided that the best way to find a ghost would be to get on its nerves, so they started by yelling and banging walls.

When that didn't work, they set a fire. When that didn't work, they couldn't do anything else, because the fire burned the whole damn place to the ground, ghost and all.

Ray Solis Do you want Ghost Riders? Because this is how you get Ghost Riders. This is probably the ghost-hunting version of dynamite fishing, and there was no word on whether or not they caught the little Slimer after all that arson, so it seems like the entire operation was a bust.

Personally, I recommend hunting ghosts the old-fashioned way -- by eating power pellets and chasing them around a square maze -- but that's just me.

Hunting Bigfoot might be tough mostly because she doesn't exist yes SHE , but we have a feeling that if she did exist, you'd hunt her with these weapons without a problem in The 7 Most Stupidly Overpowered Hunting Weapons.

Don't feel too bad for the animals though. Facts and evidence have no effect on Cersei's actions or positions. If she's going to remain at all consistent as a character, she'll come up with some justification for dismissing what's before her eyes, should the captured wight ever actually reach her.

The plan was hopeless to begin with, as several of those involved--chiefly Tyrion--should have been prescient enough to realize.

The second massive problem: There are no rules to what makes you a wight, and the plot is suffering because of it.

Is it dying beyond the wall that turns you into a frosty soldier? Do you have to get stabbed or bit by an existing ice zombie? Why do they need to find the actual forces of the dead to capture one of them, when Jon, at the very least, is aware that corpses in the North tend to turn on their own which is why he burns Thoros's body?

Sure, it would have been out of character for him to coldly kill a guy ten feet past the wall to find out, but what about whoever got owned by that zombie bear?

They could have turned around right then and avoided this whole travesty, if anyone characters or the show's writers was using their brains.

That's not even getting into the minute-to-minute details this week. Why on earth did they undertake the journey north on foot, instead of horseback besides the show's already strained budget?

Why did the Night's King let them sit on that rocky island for so long without even trying to send his extremely expendable forces across?

If the narrative excuse is he was using them as bait, how could he possibly know that they had any connection with the dragon queen, or that she'd foolishly try to rescue them?

Just how long were they sitting there, anyway? Game of Thrones has become unbelievably sloppy with distances and timing, but the usual excuse of "they're just not showing the travel on-screen" really doesn't hold up here.

Exact numbers don't exist, but there are easily thousands of miles between Dragonstone and the Wall, not to mention the distance the group might have traveled north of that.

For Jon and co. Then for Gendry to jog back to the Wall, have a raven sent to Dany, and have Dany fly all the way back should have rightly taken weeks.

Instead it all seems to happen in the space of a single day, or at most a few, which is simply complete and total nonsense.

Why did the Night's King throw his magic ice javelin at the dragon in the air, instead of the one right in front of him, which also had Dany on its back?

Afterward, why didn't Dany turn Drogon around and roast his freezer-bitten butt, instead of letting him ready a second spear?

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